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Welcome to Jackie Highe's Website

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My name is Jackie Highe and Iíve recently revised my website and removed a lot of detail.

Since I retired from my career as a national magazine editor Iíve added a few strings to my bow.

Iíve written two books, 'Now Where Did I Put My Glasses, Caring for Elderly Parents, a Practical and Emotional Lifeline' was inspired by my experiences when my in-laws began to suffer from the effects of getting older. My second book, 'The Modern Grandparents' Guide', which is partly based on my own time spent with five granddaughters, has gone into three editions. Both are available from the usual sources.

These books have created a lot of interest in the media, and Iím frequently asked onto both local and national radio and TV to speak on related subjects.

Still a horse rider, I give back to the hobby by coaching with Riding for the Disabled.

I pass my "leisure" time either walking or scuba diving, usually somewhere warm.

On top of this Iím a vocalist with a swing band, a jazz combo called Sway, and write lyrics....